Adding Tachyon to Wix

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Wix makes it very easy to add Tachyon.

  1. Copy the <script> tags above
  2. Login to your Wix dashboard
  3. Hover over the site where you want to add Tachyon and click on “Select & Edit site"
  4. Click on “Settings” on the left menu
  5. Click on “Advanced” and then “Custom code”
  6. Click on “Add Custom code”
  7. Paste the <script> tags you copied earlier into the “Paste the code snippet here” field
  8. Set the “Name” field to “Tachyon”
  9. In the “Add Code to Pages,” select “All Pages”
  10. Set the “Place code in” field to “Head”
  11. Click on “Code Type” on top of the “Add Custom Code” Window, choose the appropriate type
  12. Click on “Apply”
  13. Congratulations! Your Wix site is now blazingly fast!